If a good commercial can make up for decidedly less-than-good food, then the folks at Jack in the Box had better hope their upcoming Super Bowl commercial is amazing.

They have released a teaser for their spot which will air during Super Bowl XLVII, and you can get a sense of what the ad will be like from the brief clip we’ll put right here.

Must watch the teaser before you can watch the commercial:


Ah, but we’ve been doing some teasing of our own! After you’re done with the teaser, why not watch the main course, so to speak:

The Main Course:


Not bad, not bad. Some of Jack in the Box’s regular, year-round commercials are funny; most are facile attempts at irreverent humor centered on a pitchman we don’t much care for. Maybe it’s the huge head, maybe it’s that pointy nose, not sure, but we don’t much like him!

That said, and while this ad is better than most of theirs, the spot lacks any real Wow Factor that seems Super Bowl worthy. And the sandwich name—Hot Mess? Is that really what we want to eat for lunch? Being as we’re here to talk about commercials, not calories, we’ll leave it alone and move on to discussing a few of their past Super Bowl spots. How do you think they stack up? We feel that the 2012 commercial actually hit decently close to being funny in concept, and the execution was fine, if not all that memorable:


Heh… bacon.

Their 2011 Super Bowl spot, though, we give a solid D grade:


Not. Funny.