We have a contender, people. Allstate’s commercial for Super Bowl XLVII is damn good; one of the best we have seen so far this year. Here’s why:

  • It’s a simple concept, and a funny execution
  • It makes its point clearly
  • It uses a pitchman we already recognize
  • It’s well-made (good photography and CGI, decent “acting” as much as a commercial allows acting at all)

Those four points add up to a winning ad. It features there now well-known figure, a well-dressed albeit perennially bruised gentleman named Mayhem, causing, well, mayhem. We are taken on a trip all throughout history, from the biblical to the Ancient Greek to the early American and right to the present day, in which, how should we put it, s–t happens.

The lesson to be learned? When that stuff happens, you had better hope you planned ahead and had insurance from Allstate. A simple concept, very well executed. We give this one an A. Let us know what you think! (Unless you disagree, in which case keep it to yourself, huh?)

Here it is: