es, wanted to go to Brandon’s party, we readily admit it. We didn’t even care what Pepsi Next actually was (even though we happened to know it’s a low-calorie soft drink that doesn’t taste like a diet soda, or so the legend goes) we just wanted to go to that party. Were we planning to just fill up on chips and then leave early, stealing the jet pack on the way out? Maybe—depended on what the Shark Bait was for.

If the confusion is starting to get to you, then fine, here’s the teaser that has inspired us:

Funny that some of this year’s Super Bowl commercial “teasers” are actually longer than standard commercials by a factor of three, huh? And also note the strange bedfellows of multinational corporate giant Pepsi and the website, better known for irreverent, wacky comedy like this (very slightly PG-13, by the way).

Oh well, the Pepsi teaser amused us, so the actual commercial must be great, right? Well… nah. It’s fine… ish. But the teaser is a whole hellofalot better. The problem with this commercial is that “punch line” moment (the parents don’t care about the party once they’ve tried Pepsi Next!) is not worth such a huge setup.

It’s the exact same issue Kia’s Spaaaaaace Baby ad had. In our opinion, at least. What do you think?