Allstate, Hand the Crown to…. Milk

And we have a new winner! The current reigning champion for Most Awesome Super Bowl Commercial, 2013, is the ad from the folks at MilkPEP (yeah, we know, weird name). Remember MilkPEP, the shadowy organization so set on filling you with healthy protein? We talked about them a while back.

Their ad is winner because it is funny, it is of epic proportions, it features a tongue-in-cheek Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (we love saying that name for some reason—it should seem hokey but… whatever, we love it), and it fits perfectly with the now many-years-old campaign that asks the eternal question: Got Milk?

And once you’re done reading all the content on our site twice, we recommend browsing the comments underneath that video. The best one so far: “Does milk have protein?”