Remember a few days back when we told you how was turning away from objective sexuality as a sales method, and relying on humor instead? Well, apparently Motorola took a look down that path and didn’t like what it saw.

Oh, and as the fine folks on Spirit Daily, insist:

[Caution: decide on viewing Super Bowl ads only after prayer and with highest discretion] (Viewer discretion advised when visiting religious websites.)

Instead, they crammed actress Megan Fox into a bubble bath. We’ll cut to the chase this time, here, go ahead:

Actually, aside from the setting, it’s not like that was anything all that racy. Perhaps the stirrings of controversy we’re already hearing will be overblown and misguided? No! That would never happen over a Super Bowl commercial, right? At least Megan Fox is… clean (bam! Nailed it).

Frankly, we think it is kind of funny Ms. Fox was their chosen bathing beauty at all, given some recent statements she has made about her rather peculiar, certainly ardent religious beliefs.