…then you are going to like this year’s Budweiser commercial. Like… a lot. In fact, yep, yep, we’re misty eyed, we admit it. The Bud commercial for Super Bowl XLVII is their twenty third spot that makes use of the iconic Clydesdale draft horses, but this is the first time you’re going to see a horse that is less than a month old starring in the commercial.

In fact the little foal featured in the first part of the ad was a mere seven days old when the spot was filmed. And it is exactly what you’d find when looking up the definition of the word “cute” in the dictionary. Assuming you check a dictionary that uses horse pictures as definitions rather than words, that is.

Add to the charm of the baby horse itself a tale of joyful reunion, and you have a winning commercial. We can’t pretend it is going to be the year’s best and most memorable, because that crown usually belongs to the funniest ad of the game.

And also, frankly this commercial didn’t really inspire a desire for a beer, but whatever, look at that little horse!