Now we’ve seen it all. Meaning all five of this year’s Hyundai commercials, that is. We’ve showed you “Stuck” and we’ve showed you “Epic Playdate.” We showed you “Team” and we showed you “Excited” (HOT SAUCE!). And now, finally, we show you “Don’t Tell!”

This fifth installment of Hyundai’s Super Bowl XLVII commercial blitz is good, but not their best – that’s a toss-up between “Team” and “Epic Playdate” right now. We’ll let the will of the people choose a winner. The shtick in this commercial is cute and all, but the gags are only mediocre. Don’t you agree? Sure you do! Here, watch:

And also, while some of the mini-scenes are funny, TPing someone’s tree with your kid? Really? That’s… that’s just desultory parenting, sir! Really!