How did this happen? How could the real-world company spun-off from the hit comedy show The Office be so utterly devoid of humor? Dunder Mifflin, the real-world paper company inspired by the fake paper company featured on NBC’s soon-to-be off air show The Office has a commercial showing during Super Bowl XLVII, and it… sucks. It’s just not funny. The premise seems to be that… people in offices do battle with paper goods? And the execution looks like something people who worked in an actual office would make if they had about twenty minutes to plan and execute a commercial shoot.

We hate to be this critical of a commercial, but we also hate this commercial, so what are we supposed to do, huh? What… are we… to do? And what the hell is with that cat at the end?

Now back us up: C-, right? Maybe even a D. This ad is on the fast track to being forgotten, ideally without leaving a stain on The Office as it wraps up after nine fine years on the air.