This here commercial couldn’t really have a simpler concept behind it: when you mix sexy and smart, you get something good. The implication is that the service they provide is both sexy and smart, get it? (For the record, we still don’t get how you can make web hosting services sexy!)

So here’s the breakdown: we get a drop-dead gorgeous woman providing the “sexy,” a typical nerdy fellow standing in as the “smart.” The merging of the two is displayed by Bar Refaeli making out with our nerd, Walter.

Now, does the ad work? Sort of, but did they really have to make out? Maybe just one smooch? A hug? Holding hands? If you ask us, they took a good concept and then made it kind of creepy to watch. We would have preferred to see the “couple” dancing around in a field of wild flowers, but instead they just suck face. Thoughts? (It sure worked for Walter, we’ll say that much!)