Well done, GoDaddy.com, well done indeed! As we have been saying, the people behind this year’s GoDaddy commercials largely shed the company’s standard “sex sells,” gratuitous cleavage, approach that they have used for so many, many Super Bowl commercials. Instead, this ad, their second spot for Super Bowl XLVII, is both hilarious and rather accurate.

How many times have you seen something, be it a product, a TV show, etc., and said: “Hey, I thought of that in 1998!” But – sigh – you never did anything with your big idea! If only you had taken that great idea and marketed it online! If you had, you’d be just like the last folks you see in this fine GoDaddy.com commercial:

The commercial gets the company’s point across – we can out your ideas online – without slapping you in the face with it. And it has a laughing millionaire use the term “sky waitress” aboard a plane being flown by Danica Patrick. This commercial gets an A grade from us all the way.