You won’t be seeing this commercial during Super Bowl XLVII, is what we meant to say, because you can see it right here, right now! Like we told you about a little while back, the big guys, Coke and Pepsi, squashed this ad, getting CBS to agree to pull it off the air. But that doesn’t mean it can’t make its point to you nice people!

And the point the folks at SodaStream were making is pretty damn clear: using soda bottles (and cans, we’re sure they’d agree) is bad for the environment; using the SodaStream system is good for the environment, and you can still have delicious beverages. We think their approach relied a bit too much on making the Other Guys look bad and didn’t much make their product stand out—if we didn’t already know about SodaStream this spot would not have elucidated just how it worked and its versatility and such—but that hardly matters now anyway, because while this commercial will still be seen by many people, it’s not going to be seen by a hundred million folks at once, that’s for sure.

Fair that this got pushed off the air? We say no.