Good news for fans of cheap stuff! Groupon, the crowdsourced, high-tech version of your mom pouring over Sunday’s coupons and planning the week’s meals, is planning on airing a commercial before Super Bowl XLV.

Why is this good news? Because a service like Groupon needs participants in order to really succeed, participants in the form of users and business alike. The more people that get involved, the larger the user base, means that the Groupon folks can entice more and better businesses to get involved. Maybe this commercial will mark the beginning of the end of our accidentally buying three groupons for Subway sandwiches before reading the fine print and noticing that they’re only for store locations 35 miles away. Oops!

It’s too bad they couldn’t get an ad on the air during the game itself. Maybe next year there will be a Groupon for that: “$1.5 million for $3 million worth of Super Bowl air time. Limit 1 per household, multiple may be purchased as gifts.”