“You just missed the point, that’s all!”

This is what we need to tell the ad agency behind the Gildan commercial made for Super Bowl XLVII. We’ll explain further in a moment, but first let us refresh your memory that this is the first major commercial for this multinational clothing company, which specializes in non-branded clothing that third parties can buy and then adorn with their own logos, slogans, etc.

The issue with the ad is that its punch line is predicated on the fact that the “protagonist” wants to slip out of the location in which he has awoken, but he won’t do so without his favorite shirt, no matter what! The problem for him is that his favorite t-shirt, no doubt a Gildan product, is being worn by a slumbering individual with whom he apparently had quite a night. The problem for us is that the slumbering individual is a notably attractive lady, and the night they shared looked to have been awesome! Why is this guy trying to sneak out—he should be making her an awesome breakfast!

And once again, this is how exciting Glidan’s product line looks, AFTER watching the commercial.