Alright, Skechers, we’re sorry we brought up all that stuff about your “unsubstantiated and misleading claims about the benefits of your Shape Up shoes” a couple weeks ago; your Super Bowl ad is quite funny and we forgive you for the other stuff (not actually).

The spot Skechers has made to launch their new GOrun 2 shoe during Super Bowl XLVII uses a tried and true formula, but one that we never tire of: the mockumentary (that’s “mock documentary” for those of you who live under large boulders).

In the ad, we see a heated chase across the African savannah, in which a fearsome cheetah pursues a young gazelle. Just when it looks like all hope is lost for the hapless herbivore, we… wait… why are we telling you all this when you can just enjoy the ad yourself?

Now, did you enjoy that commercial? Because we think that aside from the gazelle-man “fist bump” at the end, which is kind of hokey, it’s a lovely little commercial.