We thought that in the final hour before the kickoff of the Harbowl Super Bowl XLVII 2013 Extravaganza – before we focus on the only things that are really worth a damn, the Super Bowl commercials – we would go ahead and focus on the football for just a minute or two.

Join us as we stroll down memory lane (meaning tackle, crush, slam, fumble, and score down memory lane) with the two contenders for this year’s top NFL title. Here are some of the best plays and the most memorable moments from the 2012 season of the San Francisco 49ers (we have NO comment on the music):

And here we have some amazing moments from Baltimore Ravens’ 2012 season (and again, don’t ask us about the audio, because we have nothing to say about it!):

In fact, we should have recommended you play, let’s say, Prince’s “Purple Rain” over the videos, just for the irony. And to drown out the noise of the videos themselves.

Oh well, too late for that, but we hope those videos fired you up a bit. Now for the Super Bowl (commercials)!