And the real question is, does anyone care?

The story is that GoDaddy, in partnership with .Co Internet SaS (someone actually named their company that?) will be showing off a GoDaddy.Co girl in their Super Bowl spot, unless they feel like being jerks and making us go to their website for the full reveal. Which honestly, we probably won’t, because we can’t imagine living in a universe in which we care.

The CEO of that .Co company actually, we mean seriously actually, said that all of the cool names are taken up in the .com world, but .co is, like, wide open. Stop and think about that for a minute: that’s their entire business plan! “Dot-com is full so come on over to dot-co. It’s almost the same!”. That’s like when you try to go to Starbucks but the line is too long, so you go get the crappy coffee from the bakery next door.

So in addition to Danica Patrick and that hot chick from The Biggest Loser, keep an eye out for a super secret girl in a commercial associated with a company that is vaguely associated with GoDaddy.