Step Aside, Clint Eastwood, for… Oprah!?

Last year it was halftime in America as a stern, tough, grizzled Eastwood told us how great we all still were (this was before the RNC chair “incident”, you will please remember). This year’s ubiquitous spot designed to have people wiping tears and nodding solemnly was narrated by none other than Oprah Winfrey and was a partnership between Jeep and the USO (meaning it was a Jeep ad, let’s be honest).

The spot struck us as a bit heavy-handed, mostly because of the swelling orchestral music it rode along upon. And also, this spot, like so many this year, could have been for any variety of products or services right up until the end, which weakens the impact. See Audi’s “prom” spot again for an ad that both has narrative and good product placement throughout.