Wonderful Pistachios Ad is Not So Wonderful. We had big hopes for this one. We still love Psy, and we love the Gangam Style dance, and we love the song, which is indeed stuck in our heads right now, but we do not love the Super Bowl XLVII commercial from Wonderful Pistachios.

We all know that international megstar Psy is famous for his wacky dance and song, but just having him do the same shtick we have all seen (OK maybe not all of us; it has only been seen a billion and a half times on YouTube) is not enough to create any real buzz!

In this spot, Psy does his famous “donkey dance” while surrounded by people in pistachio costumes. And that’s it. When the viral video that launched a star is so very much better than the spot made by those hoping to capitalize on the fame, we say Fail.

Watch The Wonderful Pistachio’s Commercial: Oppa Psy Style!