The game is over, the commercials have all run, now they belong to the ages. It was an exciting night indeed, and not because of that power outage that delayed the damn game for half an hour. No, it was exciting waiting for all the ads! Especially waiting that extra half hour…

If you are a San Francisco 49ers fan, we feel for you – it was a tough game early on, followed by an amazing rally, which only makes the ultimate loss to the Baltimore Ravens that much harder to stomach, WE KNOW!

But hey, they say misery loves company, right? So why not nurse your wounded pride by watching a few of the worst commercials from Super Bowl XLVII? These here are the most painfully unfunny, the most gut-wrenchingly poorly made, poorly acted, general awful things we saw this year.

We welcome your comments and input, of course, but for our money, these are the Top 5 Biggest Flops of Super Bowl XLVII:

Kia Forte – “HotBots”:

This commercial told us nothing about the car other than it apparently has some technological features in it. And it told us that humanoid female robots are trouble, but we already knew that. It… it’s the worst: – “Perfect Match”:

This ad is just hard to watch. And commercials should not be hard to watch, as far as we understand things…

Kia Space Babies:

Sorry, Kia, but you made the list twice. The “Space Babies” ad for the Kia Sorento was a classic example of an overblown concept based around a simple, unfunny premise.

Becks “Sapphire”:

Beck’s Sapphire takes the cake for perhaps the least inspired ad of the night. They spent how much to get this pointless spot aired? Yeah, that was rhetorical.

Toyota – “Wish Granted”:

Yeah, that the ad’s name, but it doesn’t apply to any wish we had for this commercial. Basically copy and paste what we said about the Sorento ad, “a classic example of an overblown concept based around a simple, unfunny premise” and toss in a TV star who still couldn’t help salvage this pricey minute of Fail.