Super Bowl XLVII is now one for the record books. The game is over, and will largely be forgotten once the hangovers and food comas have cleared. But the commercials that aired tonight? Well, some of them will live on forever! Or at least for a while. At least they have a lot more replay value than that half hour blackout of the New Orleans Superdome, at least.

Frankly, this year’s Super Bowl rather lacked any amazing stand out ads that will actually be remembered fondly for years to come – there was no “Pilot Jumps Out of Plane in Bud Light Commercial” or “Cindy Crawford/Rodney Dangerfield/Kramer Pepsi Ad.”

But that is not to say there weren’t a number of damn fine spots from Super Bowl XLVII. There were! This year, the best ads were just about evenly split between wackily humorous and earnestly touching. Our picks for the Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials of 2013 clearly reflect that split, as you’ll see.

If you feel we made any glaring omissions, do let us know, but as far as we’re concerned… we didn’t. As far as we’re concerned, these are the best ten spots of the game:

Tide – Miracle Stain:

“Dude, you’ve got Montana on your shirt!” They had us from the start. This ad is funny, clever, and it is all about the product in question, and the teams who were in the game! Winner.

VW – Get Happy:

We still Get Happy every time we see this commercial, and we have seen it about 15 times now. That’s a sure sign of a great ad.

Oreo – Whisper Fight:

A clever little idea in a funny setting with wonderfully over-the-top execution. We loved this spot, and it seems we weren’t alone in that.

Budweiser – Brotherhood:

Next up, a real tug at the heartstrings in this charming tale of man and horse (and beer) from Budweiser.

Mercedes – Soul:

This spot is virtually a miniature movie, and we aren’t the only ones who have responded to it. It’s got The Rolling Stones’ music, Willem Dafoe’s acting, Kate Upton, Usher, and more!

Got Milk:

The Rock rocks, what can we say? This commercial was funny, looked great, and it was in perfect keeping with the “Got Milk?” campaign.

Old Spice – Irresistible:

The man in this commercial is wearing two live wolves as if they are a shawl, OK? That’s enough already, it makes the list.

Ram Trucks – Farmer:

We didn’t much respond to this ad initially, but y’know what? It grew on us; it grew on us right quick. Listened to with an open mind, it’s just a nice, simple message. We’re reformed fans!

Hyundai – Team:

This spot taps into something we all know and love, the rite of passage that is standing up to the neighborhood bullies. It has a great blend of humor and nostalgia, especially since it’s a 30 second ad!

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale:

This last entry on our “Best of” list is something of a Dark Horse entry, but we’re proud of the amateur filmmakers who created and submitted this ad, and the deserve a mention on this list of fine ads. Their spot was weird as hell, but funny as hell, too.