A new study by Kantar Media, tracking Super Bowl advertising since the 2001 game, shows that not only have ad revenues steadily increased but so too has total ad air-time. The 2010 game bombarded you with almost 48 minutes of commercials, spread out over 104 spots.

We’ve done our own little data extrapolation here and figured out that if this figure remains steady (which it won’t, it will continue to grow as it has over the past 10 years), you will waste 1,440 minutes over the next thirty years watching commercials. That works out to 24 hours, which basically means you’re losing a whole day out of your life in addition to the countless days you lose watching the games themselves.

So if any of you have a project that you never seem to find time for, might take a full day, and that can effectively be spread out in 48-minute increments once a year for the next thirty years… right, okay, we’ll just watch the commercials too.