The Samsung Super Bowl commercial tried its best, but in our opinion it didn’t make the grade. Sticking funny actors into a scripted commercial is not a guaranteed recipe for a funny commercial. At all. Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd?

They’re funny guys, there’s no doubt about it! But their humor is largely derivative of them being able to be ad-libbing away, not clearly reading a script.

The “humor” in this ad is too self-referential, and then surprise appearance of LeBron James felt entirely phoned-in… because it was. He didn’t even appear with the other actors, just popped up in a tablet! Arguably part of the joke, but we say a weak punch line.

This commercial will be forgotten by the time training camp starts for the 2013 season, mark our words! Except don’t mark them, because that would mean you are remembering the commercial…