Let’s talk about the music from Super Bowl XLVII. No, we don’t mean the musical performance from the halftime show, that’s old news. We’re talking about the tunes we heard during the more important entertainment, the commercials.

This year, there were a few spots set to great music, and no one will argue that excellent music can do a lot to enhance what you’re seeing on the screen. That and slow motion. Put something in slow-mo with a great song behind it? Boom: immediately awesome, even if it’s just someone doing something like ironing shirts or eating soup.

This year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials didn’t feature any slow motion soup eating, we were sorry to see, but a few of the ads did have some great theme songs playing behind them! Here are our picks for the five commercials from 2013’s Big Game with the Best Music:

5. AmFam used a great song that fit perfectly with both the footage and the message of their spot, so they make the list!

4. Psy’s Wonderful Pistachios commercial was a bit of a letdown, really, but it still featured a remix of “Gangam Style,” so for being stuck in our heads since it aired, it’s #4.

3. The Flaming Lips debuted their new song “Sun Blows Up Today” in Hyundai’s ad “Epic Playdate,” and the tune not only worked great for the ad, but we can see it finding its way onto our iPod on its own merits, too!

2. Ah, what “Fun” the old folks in Taco Bell’s commercial had. See, that’s clever, because the band behind the song in the ad is called Fun. This wasn’t our favorite ad, frankly, but we liked the Spanish translation of Fun’s hit song “We Are Young,” and it was great fit with the spot, so it takes the runner-up position.

The original in English.

1. And honestly, really, come on now… did you not expect ”Sympathy for the Devil” to win top honors? This Rolling Stones song is one of the most classic hits of last half century for a damn good reason (get it!), it’s an amazing song. Well done, Mercedes, your “Soul” commercial had the best music of Super Bowl XLVII.