It’s been a crazy week for Super Bowl XLV commercial news, and as the game approaches we suspect that the news will only come harder and faster. Several smaller items didn’t make the cut for “big commercial news” this week, so we thought we’d round them all up for you to take a look at.

Fox Rejects Commercial

File this under “did it for the free publicity”, but the above mentioned website submitted a horribly-produced ad, most likely never intending for it to ever be accepted, and will now bask in the free views and hits they receive thanks to being “rejected”. The site’s owner admits to not really believe that Jesus hates Obama, which is just absurd since Obama is a Muslim and Jesus hates all Muslims.

We get all our world news from and form opinions based on what we hear on the Fox News Channel, and they would never mislead us, would they?

Justin Bieber To Play During Super Bowl

Got your attention, didn’t it? It turns out that rather than have an opportunity to see him crushed into a linebacker sandwich, Paramount is just shelling out the dough to air a commercial for his new movie. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (in 3D… yes, we wish we were joking, too!) promises to be a monument to American musical tastes. Oh, how far we’ve fallen since Elvis stole R&B and made it something white people weren’t afraid to listen to.

Never Say Never would probably also prove to be a pretty effective al-Qaeda recruitment video.

Voxhaul Broadcast And Lance Armstrong Dating

Voxhaul Broadcast, a band with a not-at-all pretentious name and debut feature-length album that’s been in the works almost as long as Duke Nukem Forever, is showing up during Super Bowl XLV in a commercial with Lance Armstrong.

No, they’re not really dating, and we know because if they were then Fox would reject the commercial.

E*Trade Still Creatively Bankrupt

And finally, E*Trade returns to the Super Bowl for a fifth consecutive year with yet another talking baby commercial. Actually they think their talking baby commercials are so amazing that they’re airing two, count ‘em, two for our pleasure during the big game.

It’s tough because we actually like the commercials because they’re usually very witty and well-done, but come on… five straight years of talking babies? Even the Look Who’s Talking series of movies only had two sequels… oh, and a planned reboot. Ouch.