BMW is taking the American pastimes of sitting around wasting a Sunday and trolling on FaceBook, and will be giving away a 2-year lease on a BMX X3. There are also ten first-prize packages being given away in the competition.

The gist is that you need to do what you would normally be doing anyway: cruising FaceBook on a daily basis. The goal is to guess the configuration of the BMW X3 that will be featured in BMW’s Super Bowl ad. You can enter once per day on BMW’s FaceBook fan page, and you can even start submitting entries as early as today.

How in the world can that possibly be, you may ask? How can I guess today the configuration of a car in a commercial on February 6? The answer is that since there are, according to BMW, more than 10 million unique configurations available for the X3, your guess is little more than that: just a wild guess. Besides, entering more often gives you more chances to win.

Grand prize is a two-year lease on the car, and ten first prize trips to their manufacturing facility South Carolina plus a Performance Driving School course will also be awarded.