Two major auto manufacturers are going the sci-fi route for their commercials in Super Bowl XLV, including leveraging our most cherished childhood memories in order to shamelessly shove inventory out the door.

Kia is hoping we confuse their new 2011 Optima for a Delorean in their 60-second spot “One Epic Ride”, which will feature the car travelling through time and space. No word yet on whether the ad will feature a disclaimer regarding its ability to actually travel through time, or lack thereof. The ad will be accompanied by a giveaway at the website, where five (no joke, five) people will win an Optima of their very own. The video has not been released, and probably won’t be before the day of the game, but we’ve included a fairly uninspiring still shot.

Next up is a partnership that only George Lucas could think was a great idea, and that is renting Darth Vader out to a German automaker for their ad campaign.

A diminutive version of the Sith Lord will be shilling Volkswagen’s new 2012 model Passat (a little early, no?). This is not such a stretch for the evil villain, since his portrayal by Hayden Christensen in Revenge Of The Sith was as little more than an emotionally stunted adolescent with poor impulse control. So… having him played by a toddler this time around isn’t too far off from where old George stranded this once-fearful character. God those prequels were awful.

They’re also including an ad for their new Beetle, which has an actual beetle in it, or something. Again, no actual video has been released yet, so it looks like we all have to wait for the big day to see whether all of these spots are really worth the time and money spent.