Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick once again lend their hotness to the self-styled “racy” advertiser. This commercial tries to show some semblance of intelligence by showing what might happen on set just before a Go Daddy commercial shoot. It’s meta.

We understand that this is the kind of thing that Danica Patrick has to do: Go Daddy sponsors her racing career, so this is pretty much the price of admission. We pay for you to drive around and crash cars all day, you be in our terrible commercials. There is a price to be paid sometimes for doing what you love to do. This would be driving cars in Danica’s case, not being in the terrible commercials.

But what besides money is in this for Jillian Michaels? She has her own TV show, and presumably tons of sponsorship opportunities. Is it because they basically only make two commercials a year?

Okay, nevermind, we get that. Carry on.