Update: Motorola snorgled all us bloggers and released a teaser vid for their teaser. We’ve updated this post to include the actual teaser for their actual XOOM commercial, which looks decidedly better than the original teaser for that teaser. Is any of this making any sense?

Original: You can’t exactly call it a leak, since it was officially released by Motorola, but either way we have the full 60-second commercial for the upcoming Motorola XOOM Android tablet. We have the commercial, and Chad Ochocinco has the actual device… how’s that for unfair?

The commercial approaches greatness, taking a masterful swipe at Apple and their dominance of the industry, even throwing a reference to Apple’s own 1984 Super Bowl commercial right back in their faces. We’re not sure this spot would really get anyone excited other than early adopters or die-hard nerds, but it is nice to see nerds represent at the Super Bowl somehow.

Here’s the actual teaser, which is the first 15 seconds of their actual Super Bowl ad. It’s ridiculously short, but it gives a better idea of the approach they’re going for with the actual ad. Now we’re excited… okay, excited may be too strong a word. Now we’re interested!

And we’ve left the utter rubbish teaser spot they original released so that you can see how we got so flummoxed to begin with.