Bridgestone Tires, sponsor of the Super Bowl XLV half time show featuring the Black Eyed Peas, has two new commercials for this year’s Super Bowl. Their entries in past years have been pretty good, and it looks like they’re swinging for the fences for the 2011 Super Bowl spots. One involves office politics and the other involves a chipmunk or badger or something. We really don’t know much about furry woodland creatures.

Carma (they misspelled karma because they make tires for cars, get it?) takes us down a lonely road into a world where a bad Rod Serling impression introduces a choice that one driver must make, but we won’t find out what really happens until we enter… the Super Bowl zone.

Reply All features, naturally, an office mishap involving email. It promises to be funny, though whether it fulfills that promise is impossible to tell from this short teaser.