As if being on top of the iTunes App Store charts for the entire history of the universe wasn’t enough, Angry Birds is hitting the Super Bowl and giving us yet another reason to continue playing the game: a hidden level code embedded in the ad.

That’s right, Angry Birds will bring its particular brand of avian addictiveness to those already prone to having an addictive personality: drunk Super Bowl fans. There will be a code in the 30-second commercial that unlocks a secret level in the original Angry Birds game. There is also a tie-in with a sweepstakes in which players can win a trip to the premiere of the movie Rio in, wait for it, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We never said it was a clever sweepstakes, but who’s going to complain about a free trip?

We’ve included a trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Rio game, which hopefully is nothing like the commercial that will be airing on Super Bowl Sunday, because this trailer is incredibly annoying.