Remember that classic 1992 Cindy Crawford Super Bowl commercial where the supermodel pulls up to a rural shop driving a bright red Ferrari, then gets out wearing jean shorts and tight tank and drinks a Pepsi? Yeah, that one, one of the most famous and iconic Super Bowl ads of all time, right.

During the 2018 Super Bowl, Cindy is back with a brand new Pepsi ad. Or rather with what we hear is a remake of the 1992 classic. She worked with her son Presley to make the Pepsi Super Bowl ad redux, which will air in full on February 4th 2018 during Super Bowl LII. In the ad from the early 90s, the model was in her mid 20s. Now she’s in her early 50s. But guess what? She’s still got it. Completely.

Will Pepsi and Cindy Crawford make Super Bowl commercial magic again? Hard to say; it’s hard to catch lighting in a jar. But even if the 2018 Cindy Crawford Pepsi ad proves less of a sensation than the original, here we are already talking about it, and all anyone has seen so far is a six-second, silent teaser.


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