If there is one thing media savvy folks know, it’s that controversy gets attention. And of course all advertisers know that sex sells, right? So why not go for the gusto and create an ad featuring a young performer who has been stirring up controversy based on her overly-sexualized behavior and her jarring break from the innocent persona she cultivated as a young lady?

Well, that’s exactly what the folks over at Wonderful Pistachios have done. The word on the street is that the company has reached out to none other than the tongue-wagging, wrecking ball riding, rear end “twerking” formal child star and current cultural lighting rod Miley Cyrus. Long gone are the days when she portrayed the charming character Hannah Montana; today Cyrus is in the news for her lewd behavior and Devil May Care attitude. And that’s just what the ad execs working for Wonderful Pistachios love to hear.

This will not be the first time a major ad for Wonderful Pistachios uses a flashy celebrity for their Super Bowl spot. Remember last year’s commercial featuring global internet superstar Psy doing his famous “Gangam Style” dance?


Their ads have also featured the likes of Snoop Dogg and even Dennis Rodman and Levi Johnston (yes, Johnston is the guy that got Sarah Palin’s daughter pregnant… he was in a commercial advertising pistachios).

However, the Wonderful Pistachios ad slated to feature Cyrus during Super Bowl XLVIII will be far and away the most expensive commercial the company has yet created. Never mind the approximately $4 million dollars they’ll have to pay Fox Sports just for 30 seconds of airtime: the company is reportedly offering the controversial twerker nearly that much for her appearance. The former Hannah Montana star is supposedly being offered $3.8 million dollars for the spot.