British luxury carmaker Jaguar (that’s pronounced Jag-Yoo-Are, of course – emphasis on the snootiness) is set to join the ranks with such other automakers as Nissan and Chevy when they release their first ever Super Bowl commercial during the second half of Super Bowl XLVIII next year.

The company is being tight lipped about the commercial’s budget and about who is starring in the spot, but rumor has it you can expect at least one A-List British movie star. The ad and the campaign of which it is the highlight is based around a well-known theme in film and pop culture: The British Villain! Jaguar is using their first ever Super Bowl spot as the coming out party for their new F-Type Coup which goes on sale in the U.S. in the spring.

The F-Type will set you back between $70 and $90 grand, give or take a few thousand dollars based on the options. The commercial? Well, we know that just the thirty second of airtime are setting the folks at Jaguar back a cool four million!