One commercial you will not be seeing during Super Bowl is an ad from the firearms and ammunition manufacturing company Daniel Defense. Their submission is a seemingly innocuous ad in which a male voice narrator discusses the importance of caring for and protecting one’s family over images of a quaint suburban home and a happy family. At the end of the spot, though, the message is driven home when the narrator references the right “tool for the job” of home protection just before the Daniel Defense logo pops onto the screen: a “DDM4” assault rifle.

It seems the company might have genuinely wanted their ad to run, and was not merely hoping for publicity after having their commercial banned: FOX decided against running the commercial even after the company offered to replace the rifle logo with an American flag, text, or another image.

This would have rendered the spot technically in line with all NFL advertisement guidelines, as neither guns nor ammo would have been explicitly mentioned or displayed. It seems like FOX simply wanted to play it safe, and not risk the ire of millions of sports fans who didn’t tune in to have a weapons company promoting its agenda during the biggest television event of the year.

We think that was a pretty smart call to make, even though there are some doubts about the commercial – was it really produced for the Super Bowl or was it just produced to get banned?

You decide!