Remember last year when the SodaStream Super Bowl commercial caused all that controversy for taking a shot at Coke and Pepsi? The ad with the exploding soda bottles that CBS refused to air for fear of upsetting the soft drink giants? Well, apparently the old saying about there being no such thing as bad publicity rang true for the marketing company behind SodaStreams advertising, because they’re up to their old tricks again.

The fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII is slated to feature a 30 second spot in which, you guessed it, the novel do-it-yourself soda company will again attack its competitors, which SodaStream International hopes to paint as wasteful and unhealthy due to all the discarded cans and bottles and the abundant sugars in the beverages.

The ad has not been released yet, but the CEO of SodaStream has stated that it will be “edgy,” reflecting the company’s personality.

Here’s a look at what aired last year….