We know the good stuff about every Super Bowl is of course the commercials – and really there’s an argument to be made there even beyond our admitted bias: if your favorite team doesn’t make the playoffs or once they are eliminated during the post-season, the ads give you a reason to tune in to the big game.

For most of the millions of folks with their eyeballs glued to their television sets on February 2nd, 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII will be a contest between two NFL teams about which they don’t much care. That’s just the sad truth, football fans – sorry! And while we still don’t know who will face off football’s the championship match, we can make another round of informed predictions. Let’s take a look at the favorites as of the time of this writing.

Gone are any dreams of an undefeated season. Even the Kansas City Chiefs, who came out of the gates like an unstoppable winning machine, have now given up three games. And no team in the entire NFL has lost only one. That said, there are only two teams boasting a record of eleven wins and two losses: they are the NFC West’s Seattle Seahawks and the AFC West’s Denver Broncos.

Both of these teams have already secured their spots in the post-season, meaning that they could lose the next three games in a row and still make the playoffs.

There are two teams on the AFC with 10-3 records, the New England Patriots and the aforementioned Chiefs. In the NFC, only one team has a 10-3 record, and that’s the New Orleans Saints.

Based on stats alone, one would think that Super Bowl XLVIII would pit the Seahawks against the Broncos. But we’re going to go out on a limb here… we’re going to predict that amidst the fine (and the awful) Super Bowl commercials and the Bruno Mars halftime show extravaganza, you’re going to be watching the Seahawks versus the Patriots. We just think that New England’s quarterback, Tom Brady, has a few more great post-season and championship appearances in him.

So… if we’re right and the game is a bi-coastal blowout between Seattle and New England, you heard it here first! If we’re wrong… hey, go enjoy another Budweiser commercial, why don’t ya?