Dorito’s eighth annual Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest is heading into high gear, ad fans: the twenty four semifinalists have been announced.

So if you have six minutes to spare, head to and watch all of the contenders (actually you’ll need more like six minutes and twenty seconds, as some of them run all the way to the 31 second mark). If, however, you only have a minute and a half to spare, then just check out our three picks below. We’ve scoured all the semifinalist submissions to save you the hassle.

But be warned, we didn’t just pick our favorite three entries… we picked the good, the bad, and the ugly. We like to keep things interesting for you, ya know?
The four finalists will be announced in the first week of January. Those finalists are selected by the folks at Doritos, but the grand prize winner is then chosen by the fans.

(Reminder: the grand prize involves airtime during the Super Bowl, an opportunity to work on a major motion picture… and a million bucks!) Each of the four finalist spots is likely to get hundreds of thousands of views for making it to that elite ranking.

Of course the ultimate winners will have their work seen by millions of people during Super Bowl XLVIII, and will rub shoulders with potentially iconic advertisements. Do you think our top pick for the funniest semifinalst deserves to make it into the top four? And do you think we’re being fair on the ol’ bad and ugly fronts? We welcome your opinions… especially if they perfectly align with ours!

The Bad – “Sorry Karl”

Just… not very funny. And strange but not in a wacky fun way, just strange. We’re sorry.

The Ugly – “Finger Cleaner”

Just watch the last few seconds… this spot is gross, man. It’s just gross. We’re not saying it’s not funny, we’re just saying it’s gross.

And just for kicks… we loved this one too: “Time Machine”

The Good – “Mermaid”

This ad is just pure comedy. It’s structured just like a classic joke, with a setup, a twist, and an unexpected punchline. We’re counting on seeing it in the finalists!