We’ve already reported that this year’s GoDaddy.com Super Bowl commercial was going to take a decidedly less sexy approach than the company’s controversial ads from the past few years. But now we can safely report that while the ad is indeed less sexual in nature, it will still have people talking, and it will still show plenty of skin. The skin in this case is al muscle, however: a wildly buff Ms. Patrick will take to the airwaves to promote the email and server service company.

And we mean Schwarzenegger-style buff, by the way. But fans of the lithe sportswoman need not worry, the added muscle on the GoDaddy pitch girl is from a prosthetic muscle suit, not from months in the gym (or a cocktail of anabolic steroids). Sexy? Not so much.

But hey, here we are talking about it and the commercials are still weeks away from airtime.