The folks at Pepsi Co. apparently don’t get too stressed out by waiting until the last minute. They have announced that they will be shooting a commercial set to run during Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend, less than a month before the big game itself!

Details about the ad are sketchy, but the shooting location is being touted openly. Pepsi is filming its upcoming Super Bowl commercial in Milligan, Nebraska. Why did they pick this tiny town of only a few hundred residents? Pepsi chose Milligan because it happens to lie about as close to the center of the United States as you can get – yes indeed, this place is Middle America.

Milligan is almost equidistant from New York and Los Angeles, the country’s two major metropolises in terms of population and culture. You can bet that this commercial will be one of the biggest events to take place in this quiet Nebraska town in years: the commercial is going to feature a concert performance by an as-yet unnamed Grammy-winning musician.

Members of the local cheer squad and the band from York High School will be featured prominently in the commercial, as will many out of the expected throngs of folks who stream into Milligan from nearby communities to be on the streets while the cameras are rolling.

As our avid readers know, Pepsi is one of the largest sponsors of the Super Bowl. It is indeed the Pepsi Halftime Show you’ll be watching during Super Bowl XLVIII. Now, at the time of this writing, we still don’t know which artists Pepsi has chosen to be in their commercial… but here’s our guess: Bruno Mars. We know Pepsi is sponsoring the halftime show featuring said singer, and we know he is a Grammy winner, so there you have our guess!

We’ll find out if we were right soon enough, and you can see the fruits of Pepsi’s labors soon, too – they are not planning to wait until game day to release the ad.