There’s no way to be humble about it: we here at know commercials pretty damn well! Doritos has announced the five spots selected as finalists for this year’s Crash the Super Bowl contest, and indeed several of the five spots they selected were ones we had already pointed out from the multitudes of semifinalists.

The voting period is open now, folks – you have until the end of January 28th to make your voice heard and help one of these five teams of filmmakers rocket into success to the tune of a million bucks, work on a major motion picture set and, of course, the chance to have their ad seen by millions of people during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Even for having made it this far the creators of these five ads have already achieved an impressive feat for any aspiring filmmakers. These semifinalist entries will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and will live on long after this year’s Crash the Super Bowl contest closes. We’re eager to hear what you think about each of these spots, but first, here are the five finalists accompanied by what we think!

First we have “Breakroom Ostrich”:

In our humble opinion, this spot doesn’t deserve to advance any farther. It’s funny enough, but doesn’t break any new ground, and even seems to borrow a bit from past commercials you might remember – that ostrich gasp is funny, sure, but it kind of reminds us of a certain screaming goat!

Next we have “Finger Cleaner,” a spot we had previously discussed:

And like we said before, while this ad is not without its humor, it’s gross enough to where we’d rather not see it again. Thus we won’t be too sad if it doesn’t win.

Now try “Cowboy Kid”:

You can see the punch line of this ad from a million miles away, but it’s charming and family-friendly enough to have a real shot at winning. Also, the kids are pretty good actors, and that’s one well-trained dog.

Fourth, we have “Office Thief”:

Interesting that two of the finalists are about workplace problems caused by Doritos. Like “Breakroom Ostrich,” this spot is hardly breaking new ground, and the amount of orange residue caked on the “suspect” is borderline overkill, but this ad still had us chuckling.

Last we have “Time Machine”:

We love this commercial! If it wins the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest, runs during Super Bowl XLVIII, and earns its filmmakers the grand prize, we’ll feel that all is right with the world!