Pepsi is going rather “meta” with this one, no? The company has released a commercial promoting their upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show featuring Bruno Mars, an event they sponsor in order to increase awareness and sales of Pepsi.

Whoa, art imitating life much. This is a new kind of commercial, even for us old hands.

The spot (which is rather charming, we must admit) features two teams of football players decked out in early 20th century gear – think leather helmets – agreeing to take a break in the middle of their game to help out a group of ladies with a broken down car and a cooler full of Pepsi Cola. By releasing the ad a month before the game is set to take place, Pepsi is giving itself a nice early start on all of this year’s Super Bowl commercial hype…

…and yes, we’re playing into it 100%. We know. But hey, it’s a new type of advertisement/promotion, it’s about the big game, and it’s clever, if not laugh out loud funny, so what do you expect from us? We’re only human. Now enjoy the ad.