Step aside, Miley Cyrus – it turns out the tongue-wagging, twerking train wreck once known as Hannah Montana won’t be this year’s Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl commercial pitchperson after all. And you know, we’re rather relieved to hear it.

Instead, Wonderful Pistachios has turned to one of the funniest, most iconic personalities on TV today, none other than Mr. Stephen Colbert! Colbert has been charming viewers for years with his hit faux news program, “The Colbert Report,” which airs four nights a week on Comedy Central.

But even for the famous and accomplished Mr. Colbert, his upcoming screen time during Super Bowl XLVIII will be a new level of exposure. Tens of millions of eyes will be focused on the two fifteen second spots Wonderful Pistachios will run during the big game. And we can hardly wait to see them both! (Are we outing ourselves as unabashed fans of Colbert? So be it!)