News has just come out that movie star Laurence Fishburne is set to reprise the iconic role of Morpheus from the blockbuster “Matrix” series, first launched a decade and a half ago (time flies, people, it’s true) back in 1999.


This time, Morpheus/Fishburne won’t be helping Neo/Keanu Reeves battle a sinister network of computerized villains, however, he’ll be helping Kia Motors sell its new K900 luxury sedan. Rumor has it the commercial is a direct parody of the famous “red pill, blue pill” scene from the first “Matrix” film, though.

This ad is just the latest Super Bowl commercial to feature a major celebrity. We earlier reported on Stephen Colbert’s scheduled appearance in the two 15 second Wonderful Pistachios spots airing during Super Bowl XLVIII, and they’ll be rubbing shoulders with sports/culture superstar David Beckham, to drop yet another name. And stand by for our update on Beckham’s H&M Super Bowl commercial: not only will that commercial be a sensation in and of itself, but it might just launch a new way to shop!

(Here’s the commercial … )