If there was anyone left out there who was unfamiliar with Heinz ketchup, the company intends to close the gap during Super Bowl XLVIII. Next month, H.J. Heinz Company will run its first Super Bowl commercial since the late 1990s. This will mark the second time the world-famous condiment has been featured during the big game’s ads.

And when you think about it, what a perfect time for a ketchup brand to strut its stuff? You get tens of millions of people slurping back beer and chowing down on lots of greasy, salty foods… foods that are only enhanced by – you guessed it – ketchup! Granted, Heinz will have to sell a lot of bottles of ketchup in order to recoup the four million dollar price tag Fox demanded for thirty seconds of airtime.

We don’t have the details on when the Heinz ad will run just yet, but a source from the company said the commercial will fit in with their larger ongoing “Show Us Your Heinz” campaign.