Though David Beckham may have hung up his soccer cleats long ago, his fame has only grown following his retirement from professional sports. OK, perhaps we should have called them his “football cleats” in keeping with the Brit’s own vernacular, but seeing as we’re talking about commercials that run during the other kind of football game we went with soccer. So there, and now we’re moving on.

Beckham is an international icon thanks to his acclaimed sports career, his marriage to singer/actress Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice (she’ll never live that down, will she?), and of course thanks to his athletic physique and chiseled looks.

Come February 2nd and the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII, Beckham is going to achieve even greater fame thanks to an innovative new type of Super Bowl commercial. He’ll hardly be the first handsome gentleman to hawk clothing in front of millions of television viewers, but he will be the first person doing so via an interactive “T-Commerce” ad!

Clothier H&M has announced a joint venture with tech company Delivery Agent that will allow owners of Samsung Smart TVs to shop using their television remotes in real time. While Beckham’s ad for his H&M Bodywear clothing line is running, a small pop up window will appear on-screen that will allow viewers using the aforementioned TV sets to purchase Bodywear clothing instantly.

We’re not sure if this type of ad is going to be a wild success (or even a middling success) and we’re not sure how many people are going to want to interrupt their enjoyment of all the fine Super Bowl commercials (or the game itself) to shop for clothing, but we do know that at the very least, people will be talking about Beckham/H&M. That would likely have been true even without