A newly released Old Spice commercial is certainly doing the job for which ads are intended, as people everywhere are talking about the commercial, and therefore talking about the Old Spice brand. But still… did they have to make it quite so creepy?

First let’s take a step back and remember the charming, hilarious ad Old Spice ran last year during Super Bowl XLVII. Here it is for your enjoyment:


Now, this new ad of theirs is not a Super Bowl commercial, of course (it ran during a playoff game over the weekend), but we have a feeling it is the precursor to a big game spot from this company long respected for its masculine products and more recently lauded for its inspired advertising. And indeed we hope to see Old Spice run a Super Bowl commercial again this year, but we also kind of hope it’s not this one, titled “Mom Song.”

The ad features a bunch of mothers stalking their sons as the young men go out on dates or share lunch with girls in the cafeteria. And by stalking, we mean hiding under the couch cushions, wearing a terrifying janitor disguise, and cutting peepholes in curtains. Yeah, it’s weird. Have a look yourself: