Apparently TurboTax is doing something right, because they have millions of bucks to spend on a commercial during Super Bowl XLVIII. And no mere four million dollar 30 second spot, either – no way, this do-it-yourself tax filing software giant went for a full minute of premium airtime.

The TurboTax Super Bowl commercial will follow the theme of their current advertising campaign that seeks to make preparing and filing your taxes seem not only simple, but even enjoyable. We have two assumptions to make: 1) This will be a pretty funny ad; just take a look at this charming and amusing spot they have been airing recently.

That’s a damn good commercial!

But our second assumption: 2) Filing taxes is still not going to be much fun, regardless of whether you use TurboTax or a CPA or a stack of scratch paper and three pots of coffee. Enjoy the ad while you can… tax time will be here before you know it.