Will wonders never cease? GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving has announced that not only will this year’s GoDaddy.com Super Bowl commercials not be wildly sexual and/or controversial, but they will even help inform the consumer as to the services the company provides!

As we reported earlier, GoDaddy is sticking with its buxom brunette pitchwoman Danica Patrick as the star of its advertising during Super Bowl XLVIII, and as also already mentioned, they are not using their standard “sex sells” approach. But the biggest change of all might just be the fact that this year’s ads will explain “who GoDaddy is, who our customers are and what we do,” according to CEO Irving.

We suppose this radical change in tactics represents the fact that GoDaddy.com’s previous advertising efforts have been a success. They already have name recognition thanks in no small part to all of their past Super Bowl commercials, so why not actually explain what they do this time around?