As we look forward to Super Bowl XLVIII and its accompanying slew of fantastic (we hope) commercials, we thought it would be good to take a few minutes and look back at some of the iconic Super Bowl commercials from past games. And not just any commercials… with so much great material to choose from, we decided to pick a topic and focus today. So we’re looking at the sexy stuff.

It will come as no surprise to any Super Bowl commercial enthusiast that many of the advertisers taking part in the big game embrace the “sex sells” mantra. This has long been true; strangely, from what we have seen so far, Super Bowl XLVIII is shaping up to be one of the tamest games yet, by the standards of, well, skin., a perennial creator of racy, often controversial ads, has already announced a less scandalous, more humorous approach for its Super Bowl ads this year. We’re going to have at least one lovely movie star appearing in an ad, with Scarlett Johansson shilling for SodaStream, but by the looks of things she’ll be wearing a lab coat rather than something decidedly more revealing. Oh, and we certainly don’t expect any “wardrobe malfunctions” during Pepsi’s halftime show featuring Bruno Mars.

Perhaps the less lewd mood prevailing during this year’s Super Bowl advertising is a sign of a more cultured, nuanced audience these days? Or maybe we just haven’t caught wind of the lascivious stuff yet, who knows. (Yeah, we do kind of hope it’s the latter, to be honest.)

What we do know for sure is that in past years, Super Bowl commercials featured plenty of skin and no shortage of suggestive behavior, sexy dancing, and so on. And we also know that you’ll enjoy seing all of those ads again. So take a stroll down Sexy Super Bowl Memory Lane with us, won’t you?

Let’s start out with this Pepsi Super Bowl commercial from 2001 featuring a young Britney Spears at the height of her worldwide popularity. Regardless of what you think of her music, her personal life, or Pepsi Cola itself, you have to admit the girl had some moves… and some curves:

This Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl spot from a couple years back featured model Adriana Lima and took a decidedly direct approach:

And of course we could show you every Super Bowl commercial from the better part of the past decade, but we’re going to restrain ourselves and just use, say, this one, from 2009 (yeah, it’s the shower commercial):


Megan Fox might not be the best actress ever to have graced the screen (and apparently she has one serious attitude problem on set), but hey, she’s a hot brunette, and here she is in a bathtub shilling for Motorola during Super Bowl XLIV:

It’s hard to believe this classic Pepsi Super Bowl commercial is well over 20 years old, but it is. Cindy Crawford was at the height of her supermodel stardom, and Pepsi had just launched a redesigned soda can: it was a marriage made in heaven:

For years Miller Lite commercials ruled the roost at the Super Bowl – remember the whole “Tastes great; less filling!” campaign? Well, if you don’t, this superlatively sexy ad will stick it back in your head soundly. We bring you… Catfight!