Last week we brought you a teaser featuring Sir Ben Kingsley looking every bit the sinister British villain as he mugged for the new Jaguar F-Type Jaguar coupe. This week we can reveal two more “British villains” wrapped up in the “sinister” carmaker’s commercial campaign.

First try this dark little teaser featuring film star Tom Hiddleston (best known for his work in “The Avengers” and “War Horse”) who hints at the Jaguar’s ability to quickly move four business associates…

Does he mean riding in the car with him, or in the new coupe’s spacious trunk, though? (Yeah, we know that’s the obvious joke! Let us play along!)

The other “villain” making an appearance alongside Hiddleston and Kingsley is actor Mark Strong (“Sherlock Holmes,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” and “Kick-Ass,” to name a few of his films). Together, these three Brits do indeed make up a perfect trio of British villains.

Now all we have to do is wait for is the actual Jaguar Super Bowl commercial and see if it is worth all the hype – even veteran Super Bowl ad hawks like us have to admit that this has been a nearly unprecedented level of pre-commercial marketing effort… and expense!